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YDKJS.EU is a project to port old versions of You Don't Know Jack games to JavaScript (all but US versions, which are still sold online, hence the .eu domain).
The name is a double-pun: you can read it as You Don't Know JavaScript, and also as You Don't Know Jack's (plural, many versions).
For right now, the French, English (UK) and German (first CD) versions are supported.


This project uses content from the original game, which is under copyright Jackbox Games.
I have no connection with Jackbox Games, and this version of the game is not an official development, nor officially supported.
I will never plan to make any profit out of it, as it's purely a benevolent fan-based project.


YOU DON’T KNOW JACK® Jackbox Games, Berkeley Systems, Jellyvision, Melog Productions Inc, BMG Interactive, Take-Two Interactive